Practitioners are charged $2,000USD per Practitioner.  This provides lifetime access to The Consulting Guild, including all new methods and tools, unless they are decertified (below).  For consultants, $1,000 is refunded by MyObjectives once their client has been running MyObjectives on a fee basis for six months.

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What is included:


Four modules of e-Learning: Underlying Concepts, Foundation Implementation, Performance System Implementation, and Achievement Management Practices.  The training is designed for both consultants and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) organizations.


Where appropriate each lesson comes in various levels of difficulty.


Where appropriate, the training covers Balanced Scorecard, OKR (Objective and Key Results) and The Four Disciplines, frameworks.


Practitioners can become certified by completing the training and achieving 80% or better on the quizzes.


Practitioners Level-Up with the completion of each MyObjective Implementation, pending a satisfactory survey response from the implemented organization.  Higher Levels are able to work on more significant engagement, become Coaches within The Consulting Guild, and earn money from developed and deployed methodologies within The Consulting Guild.


Each Member is provided with an Expert Coach to help them with their training and all implementations


Members have access to on-line implementation tools such as Card-Sorts, electronic survey tools, on-line spreadsheets as well as best-practice resources such as KPI lists, Objective setting tools, etc.


Your coach will check your implementation work in near-real time.  They will provide coach when necessary and will determine if the implementation can proceed at four major milestones, ensuring quality for the client and Member.


The Guild is a source for additional work to certified Members.  Based on criteria like location, language skills, industry experience, functional experience, etc. you will be made aware of projects that you can work on.  This service is available to Certified Practitioners for 5% of the revenue billed.


Each year Certified Practitioners are invited to join other Guild Members and MyObjective Team Members for several days of learning and software discussions.


On-site and off-site consulting support to your engagements


The Guild will pass leads on to Certified Practitioners based on their position on the Leader Board.  Leader Board positioning is based on certifications, experience and proven sales-closing ratios.

Terms and Conditions:

The Practitioner is certified, not their organization.

Certified Practitioners will be decertified if:

  • ♦   Practitioners that receive sales-leads from The Consulting Guild, but sell those leads solutions other than MyObjectives
  • ♦   Practitioners use The Consulting Guild tools, methods or materials for any non-MyObjectives implementations
  • ♦   Practioners need to be removed from an implementation due to quality or ethics reasons,
  • ♦   Practitioners do not pass two Implementation inspections/surveys over a rolling 12-month period.

When Practitioners are de-certified, both consulting revenues owed and software related fees will be stopped immediately.